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Creating Fire-Resistant Landscaping

Posted on August 15th, by dwadmin

It’s the height of fire season, and your efforts in preserving water and essential plants during the summer months might all be for naught if your yard catches on fire. Today we are going to cover how to plan for the hotter weather and potential fires, as well as why it’s a good idea to Read More

Keeping Your Yard Healthy in the Heat

Posted on July 20th, by dwadmin

When the heat is beating down on the greens of your yard all day, they need to cool themselves by heavy respiration. In order to facilitate the plant being able to do this, it has to exchange a lot of water. There are a few general rules of thumb to follow, and by keeping an Read More

Tree Treatments and Pest Prevention

Posted on June 13th, by dwadmin

Everyone loves sitting in the shade of their trees during the summer, escaping the glare of the sun beating down on you and sipping some lemonade, waiting for the evening breezes to cool the town. That is, until a bug is spotted munching on your leaves or crawling on your trunk, leaving you to wonder Read More

Taking Better Care of Your Trees

Posted on May 9th, by dwadmin

There are several things a person can do to help maintain their trees health beyond just checking water levels and soil compaction before planting. After the experts at CVL Tree Services get your yard and trees situated and planted, you’ll want to make sure the tree continues to grow healthily and vigorously. One of the Read More

Tree Care Tips for Spring and Summer

Posted on April 25th, by CVL Complete Tree Service

As we approach the full swing of the season with folks going to the store for their gardening supplies and lawn care tools, it’ll be worth bearing in mind that the exterior of your home needs just as much professional attention as the interior. If you ever have trouble with a task or lack the Read More