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Taking Better Care of Your Trees


There are several things a person can do to help maintain their trees health beyond just checking water levels and soil compaction before planting. After the experts at CVL Tree Services get your yard and trees situated and planted, you’ll want to make sure the tree continues to grow healthily and vigorously. One of the best things you can do for this would be to use aerated organic compost teas as part of your regular feeding schedules, as organic compost teas are chock full of nutrients, microbes, sugars, and other goodies. These can boost a trees immunity, reduce the amount of water you use, and help the plant uptake nutrients in a more efficient way.

Organic teas can also incorporate fungus that can be good for the tree, commonly known as mycorrhizae. There are lots of types of mycorrhizal fungus that are beneficial for the tree’s roots, both by increasing roots surface area and nutrient uptake. One of the best mixes we’ve found is Bountea Root Web, meant to be mixed into your organic teas right before feeding or added to the soil as an amendment before planting. There are a number of places to purchase this, check with your local tree experts or gardening and hydroponics store.

It is possible to create an organic tea at home with just a few supplies and ingredients, but don’t hesitate to call CVL Complete if you’re unsure about the process. We can point you in the right direction when it comes to feeding you trees with the right mixture, and even guide you through the process. Generally speaking, you’ll find that most teas have a few things in common; quality compost, sugars (molasses) to drive microbe growth, and aeration to keep the water healthy and oxygenated. The aeration is important as it helps foster aerobic bacteria, which are mostly beneficial to the root systems. If your tea isn’t mixed and aerated properly, it can create an environment to foster anaerobic bacteria, which can actually damage healthy microbe populations and worsen your soil. Make sure to check your teas during brewing, or consult a tree care expert on organic tea feedings and other tree care methods so you don’t make a costly mistake feeding your trees.

As you get practice making teas and learning more about root health, you’ll find that there are lots of potential recipes and ingredients that can go into a good compost tea. Sometimes they incorporate other organic-based nutrients, like fish-based fertilizer, bat guano, humic acid, or other amendments that can be beneficial. You’ll want to make sure any recipes you follow are designed to best accompany your tree and lawn.

The experts at CVL Tree Service are more than happy to help you find a recipe and feeding schedule that best suits your needs. Contact us today for tree care services and recommendations!

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