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Keeping Your Yard Healthy in the Heat


When the heat is beating down on the greens of your yard all day, they need to cool themselves by heavy respiration. In order to facilitate the plant being able to do this, it has to exchange a lot of water. There are a few general rules of thumb to follow, and by keeping an eye on your watering habits you can retain a healthy yard for the season. If you have questions, or need help installing systems, make sure you contact the experts at CVL Complete Tree Services!

The first thing to do is make sure you have a way to water your plants during the cooler parts of the evening and into early morning. It’s ideal for most trees if the water is already available in the soil during the hottest parts of the day. Make sure you water using a ground feed and not a sprinkler system, as top watering right before the sun comes out is a good way to burn your plants and kill your greenery. Setting a timer can be useful during this task, as you can have it start during the cooler parts of the evening and stop before it gets dark. Ideally, you would water until 8-12 inches of topsoil are damp, and then stop. For help calculating water flow and pressures, have a consultation set up with a local professional.

For areas with drier climates or that may be experiencing water shortages due to climate change or drought, there are some tougher choices to be made. Often, there is a limit on water use in places like Texas, so get together with a professional and save only what needs attention. Often, lawns and ornamental or seasonal plants may have to be let go for a season. This won’t necessarily kill them, often annual plants go woody and dormant looking, only to be green on the inside and ready to spring to life again when the conditions are right.

Focus on preserving trees that are newly planted and need care, and established trees that serve as habitats for local wildlife or as sources of food, as keeping the environments healthy for these creatures is just as important as our own. New trees need the right amount of water consistently to form roots. Established trees can be cared for as normal, just don’t neglect them during the watering seasons. Older, larger trees need more water each year.

Gardens often can’t stand seasonal heats, as temperatures over 95 often cause fruits to not even form. Don’t count on the tomatoes and peppers to produce a lot, or even at all during times of high temperature. Cut back any perennials after they’ve fruited, to give them a chance to rest during the heat waves and have a greater chance of returning the next year.

Watch out for signs of heat stress yourself if you’re doing all this lawn work, and if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact CVL Complete Tree Services.

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